Moving forward Make the world smile with our technology and teamwork

Maruyasu has cultivated manufacturing know-how since its founding.
For the livelihood of people all over the world.
For a future in harmony with nature and society.
We always look one step ahead and continue to take on new challenges, thinking outside of box.



Make the world smile with our technology and teamwork

Maruyasu has principle that has been carried through since its founding.
It is "Harmony", our company policy. We have valued connections with our employees, customers, local communities, and the global environment.
In order to bring happiness to the world with our technology, we will continue to take on new challenges.





The automotive industry is entering “A once-in-a-century revolutionary period.”
In this context, we will always continue to create new value to remain essential to society.
With our philosophy of "Make the world smile with our technology and teamwork", we will sincerely work on manufacturing to create safe, secure and clean society.
Always has been, and always will be.





During over 60 years of our history, we have created products exceeding customer expectations with our "reliable technological development capabilities." In particular, the consideration of the environmental impact, which has been required in recent years, is one of the areas that Maruyasu has been working on for many years.
We will continue to make products that can deliver smiles to the future.